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buy a fake id online 'American idol' seattle The america idol judges will be on the Queen Mary tonight. But will the seattle (and therefore San Antonio) Auditions feel more like the Titanic? Share your ideas on the idol Chatter live blog. Brian Mansfield 'Ten feet tall' and therefore bulletproof: providing one last audition in Long Beach Matheus Fernandes. The 21 year old from Atlanta moved to seattle a year ago to pursue music. Fernandes does the second version of Sam Cooke's a new experience Is Gonna Come that we've heard tonight, And his version is sleeker, satisfying, More soulful than the previous rendition, that is more a display of pure power. But both were sufficiently strong to get the singers into Hollywood. Keith Urban feels the place of adversity and struggle that Fernandes is provided by. when Mariah Carey begins raving about him, Fernandes is in crying (And Carey's barely controlling hers back). Keith Urban hears some Wynonna Judd as voice, Which is an apt consideration. Minaj believes she may seem like somebody that's already established rather than an amateur. Carey's glad to see someone who grasps who she is as an artist. "you're making me happy, she says. So the judges make Hale happy by sending her to hollywood. away next, It's 16 yr old Briana Oakley, Who was featured on Maury's Most Talented Kids only a decade ago. After her form there, Her friends turned on her. "I was bullied gravely, she says. She ended up eating in bathroom or with teachers; Eventually, She changed educational instituations. "products have definitely gotten better, She tells the most judges. She sings Patty Griffin's Up to the stack (above covered on idol by Crystal Bowersox) And throws some serious gospel happens upon it, scaling the heights of the melody. "It was stunning; after all, Good adept, Your master, Your wide selection. It all works best for me, Says Keith city. Minaj is reduced to reproducing "truly, fitzgibbons says, "This could be the start of something huge for you,'The premier fake out we've ever had': Jesaiah Baer's previously, Now that the fire has been extinguished. Her subside is a real charmer, And it would appear that she could be this year's quirky girl singer. The judges are impressed, And the 16 year old Baer is headed to hollywood. Now it's time for a series of bad auditions, But the final contestant for Day One promises better things. MIcah Johnson's recent tonsillectomy leaded to some nerve damage that left him with a speech impediment. Mariah Carey, Who had some nerve damage in their own arm, Wonders if his voice will improve in the future, But he says he's simply stuck with what he's got, Though he continues to utilize a speech therapist. but once he sings, Oh my amazing advantages, It's a whole various things. He puts a gospel twist on the Zac Brown Band's poultry Fried, And Keith Urban's singing along towards the end. "essential biggest fake out we've ever had, Says Randy fitzgibbons. LIke fitzgibbons, The rest of the judges are floored. He's here today with his daughter, who has now 3. The tattoos on his right sleeve are a memorial to the chums he lost in the service. Farmer's take on Sam Cooke's A Change Is Gonna Come exhibits his pipes, But his entire performance doesn't do much for the song itself. That's forgivable at this point of the game you gotta make the impression, After all but I hope he learns on serving the song than making the song serve him. actually, He's a guy you just want to hear more from, and also also the judges do, as well. Purple haired Stephanie Sansone is an a band called an individual Live Once. and it's a screamo band, Judging from a version of what she says is Adele's Set Fire to the Rain. She shrieks everything and stomps off before the judges can even render an opinion. I was going to look on YouTube for videos of her band, But now I don't think i'll. Mariah Carey's stuck in internet traffic, And Nicki Minaj is stuck at a us Music Awards thing, making it up to Randy Jackson and Keith Urban to do the initially judging on Day One. Shubha Vedula credits something's Got a Hold on Me to Christina Aguilera instead of Etta James, But we will never hold it against her. jane is got the chops, Though I hope she doesn't sing every song that hard. (however I found this video, And i had totally sold.) red hot offers online store buy a fake id online
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'American idol' goes to final 5 Raspy voiced rocker Elise Testone was told to go home on "american idol" tuesday night after a bottom two that had Elise and Hollie Cavanagh waiting to see who had gained more votes to stay through another week. The show began with a quote from Freddie Mercury, The late lead musician of Queen, The rock band whose songs the six remaining contestants had taken on this week. for a flash of the opening logo, one that looks like aliens are about to beam down into the American idol dome, "american idol" Got prepared whittle six singers down to five. The cal. king Extravaganza, A cal. king cover band handpicked by Brian May and Roger Taylor, Delivered a rendition of "people to Love" With May and Taylor to begin with things off, With a helpful hashtag guideline from Fox in the lower corner ('Queenonidol') In case anyone felt like picking up their smartphones on the market. to find a minute, It appeared as if singer Marc Martel, Who handled the Freddie Mercury part on the coverage, Wasn't going to hit the high note when they get home of the song, But he did a lovely job. Iovine said Jessica's choice of "Bohemian Rhapsody" would be a bad one, But that for her check in, "Dance With my father" merely by Luther Vandross, my friend "appreciated the words, But she also understood the wedding guests, he previously less kind words for Elise. "She's the singer, Made bad possible choices, Iovine said of her musical selections for the night. Jessica was healthy, Elise was shipped to the metal stools in the corner, And season 10 contestant Stefano Langone gamed his song "I'm On A retract, complete with back up dancers. He joined the dancers for a brief routine during the a key player part of the song, Which sounded somewhat like pc scored on Super Mario. The next round of two contestants Hollie and Joshua says Joshua was safe, A conclusion Iovine said in his segment have to be a foregone one. If Joshua had gone home, it had "Something wrong with other sellers, Iovine said. But Hollie went to sit with Elise before Katy Perry gamed "natural part of Me, Which involved Perry and her backup dancers dressed in military themed costumes and kneepads and entering from the ceiling on ropes. just in case Perry's metaphor of "check out me, I'm glistening" Was too subtle for the audience, A large light with sparks coming off it was lowered within the ceiling. after Skylar and Phillip came up last, Iovine had criticism for both of them, Calling Skylar's second choice of "tats On This Town" By jerr Aldean as "yourself indulgent" And citing Phillip's quotations to Dave Matthews by fans as a reason not to do a cover of the Dave Matthews song "The slate, The song Phillip chose for his second running. "That's a blunder, Iovine said. But Phillip was safe and Skylar was in the particular three and Hollie and Elise barely made it back to the front before Ryan declared Skylar safe and sent her to the couch. When Elise's reduction was announced, There were boos from the audience, And the judges gave a located ovation. When she gamed her final song, "finish Lotta Love" By led prelit Zeppelin, Judge Steven Tyler leaned into the microphone to sing along with her.
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